Preventing Encopresis

Sensitive toilet training - preventing encopresis!

The impact of parents’ behavior

The toilet training process has a strong impact on how the child’s personality develops. Adequate behavior during that process is grounded on warmth, understanding, and patience, as well as conflict avoidance. All these help build the child’s trust and security in her parents, plus her self-image and self-confidence. Incorrect behavior can disrupt the kid’s developing personality and could also delay the toilet training process. It can emerge in a range of problems, including the ones I describe in this book. To avoid mistakes and minimize problems as far as possible, I’m outlining several issues connected to the toilet training process. I want to start by noting that if I had to sum up this chapter’s message in one sentence, I would tell every parent:

Make sure the toilet training process is conflict-free!

If every parent complies with this, they’ll spare the child and themselves many hassles, complications, and problems.

Encopresis. You can beat it!

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