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In 1976, I was approached by Dr. Ian Berg (then Head of the Children’s Ward at High Royds psychiatric hospital in West Yorkshire, UK). He suggested I carry out a study for my thesis toward a clinical psychology degree at his department.
He’d seen a recurrent phenomenon—referrals from pediatricians seeking urgent hospitalization for children around the age of ten with a prolonged history of severe encopresis. (Encopresis is the voluntary or involuntary passage of feces outside of the toilet in children, after an organic cause has been excluded). The kids would avoid elimination and suffered appalling constipation. All these issues had caused the children to be socially rejected, and their families were typified by anger, quarrels, violence, and total helplessness in dealing with the problem.

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Arielle is aged 3. Her parents came to the clinic on June 11th, 2019. She’s still bedwetting but controls her bladder during the day. She does one or two small bowel movements in her underpants. They occur anywhere and everywhere. This situation has been carrying on for almost a year. During that period, there were two isolated incidents in which she had a bowel movement on the toilet. She can sit on the toilet but can’t poop there...
Arielle, 3 years
June 11, 2019
Alan still wears a diaper at night. During the day he restrains himself for long hours—both peeing and bowel movements. He’s just terrified about having a bowel movement. For the past two days consecutively he hasn’t had a bowel movement. Finally, it escaped and soiled his underwear. Everything began a week ago when his mother removed the diaper of her own initiative...
Alon, 2.9 years
June 14, 2019
Aline controls her bladder completely, both night and day. She poops in her underpants. She tends to restrain herself for several days then develops serious constipation. She’s incapable of sitting on the toilet bowl. During the day there are several incidents of escaped feces pellets in her underwear. She’s never done a bowel movement on the toilet...
Aline, 4 years
February 12, 2019
I met Yuval’s parents in the clinic on May 30th, 2019. They told me that he’s still wetting the bed. He poops in the toilet but soils his clothes too. The situation has ups and downs, and every so often there are short periods when the problem completely disappears. This has been happening for four years and the soiling occurs in different places...
Yuval, 7 years
May 30, 2019

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