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For many families, encopresis has become a dominating factor in everyday life. For the children themselves it is a constant source of severe distress and embarrassment damaging their developing personality.

However, encopresis can be beaten.

Dr. Baruch kushnir presents here a cookbook detailed description of his intervention model that has freed many hundreds of children from encopresis.

On the basis of his experience he pinpointed three different groups:

  • Toilet anxiety: Children who can only poop in a diaper or in the pants
  • Soiling: Children who can use the toilet for defecation but also release feces into their pants.
  • Soiling and prolonged constipation and withholding: Children who refrain from having bowel movement for many days and even weeks.

For each group, he developed a unique therapeutic intervention program. Most kids belong to the first two groups – where treatment is relatively simple.

Dr. Baruch kushnir is considered the major authority on treatment of encopresis, enuresis and potty-training in Israel.  He has been running a network of clinics specializing in these subjects  since 1982.

He completed his studies in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem and Leeds and Hull universities in England.

Encopresis. You can beat it!

Game changing solutions for:
Toilet Anxiety, Soiling and Constipation

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